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“I’m happiest when I’m making noise.”

“Simon Arrowsmith’s score sounds fresh and invigorating, a natural next step beyond Bjork’s Dancer in the Dark.” 


“Simon Arrowsmith’s filmic sound design adds the final layer; a gossamer cloak of atmosphere that fits the action perfectly.” 

I’m Simon Arrowsmith. I’m an Offie (Off-West End) Award nominated and joint Standing Ovation Award winning composer and sound designer. I work in theatre and recorded media.

I’m all about telling stories with sound.

I’ve been obsessed with the way music works in other contexts since I was five. I memorised the soundtrack album from The Wizard of Oz, but not just the songs, the ‘incidental’ music too. I was struck by how music alone could carry so much weight ina story, it hardly felt incidental.

The older I got the more aware I became of the way music works with the other storytelling elements. I made it the main component of both my Bachelors and Masters degrees. Outside of music I’m a professional story consultant, and it’s that world that I bring to my media scoring and sound design practice.

The story is everything and the sounds I create are there to service the characters, the context and the narrative.

Most recent projects

The Grotto – Drayton Arms, London (sound designer/composer)

Help! We Are Still Alive – Seven Dials Playhouse, London (sound designer)

Thrill Me – Jermyn Street Theatre, London (sound designer) 2022 OFFIE NOMINATION

Bard from the Barn – Barn Theatre, Cirencester (composer)

Macbeth, Salomons Estate Theatre, Tunbridge Wells (composer and sound designer)

Want to work with me?

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Written by George & Joe Lloyd   Directed by Joe Lloyd

Music by Simon Arrowsmith


“The Fishman of Tenby” is a captivating short film that follows the journey of a curious man who stumbles upon a local legend. Intrigued by tales of a mythical creature called The Fishman, rumoured to reside in a secluded cave, the man becomes determined to uncover the truth behind the legend.

The film was selected for the SeeM0r Film festival and won its category.

Some sounds…