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A question of style

A question of style

You may have noticed that a number of our collections make reference to famous films and plays in the description section. We thought a lot about this when we were putting the site together. The references don't refer to the music as such, more to a feeling.

"What does that mean?" I hear you cry. (I can. I can hear you crying that all the way out here in my little office in the heart of rural Kent.) "Well, what it means," I reply, (hoping against hope that you can hear me too) "is..." the sounds aren't the thing we're referring too, the stories are. So when we say something is like Alien, it doesn't mean that what you'll hear is anything like Jerry Goldsmith's phenomenal soundtrack to the 1979 classic. It will, however, serve the same atmospheric and storytelling purpose. It might share some of the the darkness, the intensity for example.

The music on this site isn't designed to replicate or mimic. We want to create music that is original for you to do amazing and original things with. The stories that they're attached too are merely suggestions. A place to start. Where we hear Hamlet you might hear Macbeth (can we say that on here - we're not in a theatre, so we should be safe - right?) Where we hear crime thriller you might here family drama. That's the beauty in the system. We'll just keep on creating new pieces. Where they end up? That's up to you.

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