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All about music libraries (or why we started this site)

All about music libraries (or why we started this site)

There are some great music libraries out there. We're often asked to contribute to some of them and we used to do just that. But it's easy to get lost. What those sites lack (for us anyway) is a bit of focus. There's almost too much choice?

One of the other issues we had was that a lot of the sites feature only individual pieces of music. They're searchable, but they don't necessarily sit well with other sounds. There's not a lot of sites that feature a consistent palette in terms of the instruments or sound styles used. They also seem to be weighted towards popular music and upbeat instrumentals. Great for a corporate video, but not so good for a brooding moment at the end of Act One.

We just felt we could carve out a little place within the industry. Offer something a little different. We also thought it was important to have a direct relationship with other makers. Music libraries are often expertly put together by brilliant curators, but we still feel that the best relationships are with the creators.

We're at the start, so who knows how successful it will be. It had to be worth a try though - right?

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