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It's About the Theatre (Daaaaaaarling!)

It's About the Theatre (Daaaaaaarling!)

The store is only really in it's beta phase right now, but we're excited to head up to Edinburgh in just over two weeks time for the Festival and do a 'guerilla soft launch' (brand-wank speak for we'll be bunging some flyers and freebies at people all over the Fringe!)

We really felt that the theatre (theater to our American friends) community was an under-served group when it came to royalty-free music. As we've worked with directors and producers in the past we like to think we know the kinds of thing they're after. Quite often it will be a piece of sound design that is barely audible - a low rumble or a minimal drone. We plan to stack the shop full of these sounds. We love a bit of disturbia! But we're also keen to showcase how music can really add to the dramatic live moment.

Once the shop is fully functioning we'll be offering a 'tweak-it' service, where directors/performers/producers/whoevers will be able to ask us to amend tracks to fit the timing needs of a cue. "I love the track darling, but it's too long. Ophelia will have drowned three times over by the time that thing's done. Can you shorten it a smidge?"

We'll also be outlining some exciting services for crafting bespoke music and soundscapes for productions. So keep popping back or sign up to the monthly email update!

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