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The Cassie Newton Collection

American Complexity - A midlife crisis in middle America. Picture families going off the rails, slowly but surely. Cheating husbands, controlling mothers, delinquent sons and rebellious daughters. Put them in a pressure cooker situation or put them on a low heat and watch the frogs boil to death. Reminiscent of the themes in American Beauty, The Ice Storm and August, Osage County. American Complexity weaves itself into the fabric of a crumbling society. Four themes with lots of variants and a couple of beds to play with too.


Endless Sunshine (for the Blemish-Free Mind) evokes imagery from the gloriously quirky films of Michel Gondry and Spike Jones. This soundtrack is electronic and playful. It uses synths mixed with a little piano to create a sense of everyday magic and wonder. It features four themes with a number of variations and five story moments for you to play with.


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