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The Simon R. Arrowsmith Collection

Hamlet - If you're going to write music for the stage then you kind of have to cover the 'classics'. Here's Simon's take on the story of Hamlet. A cold and haunting score that covers the key points of the stage's greatest tragedy (well, one of the greatest... is it the greatest?) The soundtrack features ten key moments in the play as well as a set of transition themes and music beds for atmosphere. So crack your a noble heart and may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.


The Cherry Orchard - Simon's take on Chekov's tragic comedy (or comic tragedy - depending on which side of the scholarly argument you want to be on!) A string quartet provides the palette for three key themes each with variations it's a score of sadness, regret and the end of things. As always it's available on high quality MP3 of AIF formats for licensing.

Listen to the tracks below.


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