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The G Henry Bone Collection

Explore the world of G Henry Bone...

Step into a noir world of murder, mystery and danger. GHB takes us into soundtrack that wouldn't be out of place in the films of Hitchcock, Orson Wells or the darker side of Pedro Almodovar. Orchestral with some gorgeously dissonant sounds this is the perfect collection for your tense thriller or even horror. Four themes with variations and four moments make for an exciting story collection. Available as always in high quality MP3 and AIFF formats.

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GHB leads us through the woods and into the dark heart of organised crime. Reflecting the period worlds of Boardwalk Empire. the Untouchables and Miller's Crossing, this orchestral piece is made up of five themes with a number of variations for each. While it has a dark underbelly there are moments of hope and light in the mix.


Redemption is a collection of vocal and string led music that is perfect for period drama, emotional drive and setting an evocative tone. The collection contains five themes and a number of variations that play with instrumentation and cue length.


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