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The Kleptotronic Collection

Suspicious Folk - The Kleptos give us their take on the contemporary crime/thriller genre. A mash up between The Usual Suspects, Seven, and the films of Pedro Almodovar. Being Kleptotronic, of course, there is always a blend between the orchestral and the digital. With four key themes, each with a number of variations, and another four moments to play with, this soundtrack offers plenty of scope for either a live or cinematic performance. Available in high quality MP3 and AIFF formats.

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Shattered Lands - It's dystopia time! In a galaxy far, far away type stuff, but you know, with a bit of an edge. It's adventure with grit. So think Hardware, Terminator or Chronicles of Riddick. Using hybrid sounds and distorted orchestral samples and pulses, Kleptontronic take us on a sweeping journey through asteroid belts and planetary systems. Featuring atmospheric beds, two themes and a number of key plot moments.

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