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The Gentlemen Collecton

They Follow - The Gentlemen keep it indie with this collection of weird and wonderful electronic tunes. It's another electronic/synth-fest. Think It Follows, Mandy or It Comes at Night. This soundtrack uses its sparse sounds to tell a story of terror. Wistful high tones and beautiful distortions complete the sonic picture. Built around three themes with a number of variations, three moments and three beds, there's plenty to play with, with over an hour of music.


Weirder Stuff - The Gentlemen head back to the 1980's for another electronic/synthfest. This time we're in the childhood fantasy worlds of Wargames, Stranger Things and Stephen King. This soundtrack uses it's synthesizer soundscapes to tell a story of danger and adventure around every corner. Built around four themes with a number of variations and two beds, there's plenty to play with.


Ronnie Darker - No not Ronnie Barker! this soundtrack we're deep into a 1980's vibe. The Gentlemen take us a synthy sonic journey into the heart of teenage angst. Built around five key themes this story contains plenty of variations to create a unified soundscape for your performance or recording.

Listen to the sounds and pick the ones that work best for your needs or snag a bargain by buying the whole darn lot!