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The Måg Collection

Explore the world of Måg...

Wuthering Heights - Måg taps into the bleak, bleak heart of Bronte's story. Bringing a contemporary score to the story means that you could actually use this collection for a number of different performance styles. It sits equally at home in a contemporary drama as it does with an icy cold period piece. Available as always on high quality MP3 or AIF formats.

Listen to the collection below.

Departure - Måg takes us into the dark world of science-fiction, with an emphasis on the drama. Bringing to mind the stories of The Quatermass Experiment, Alien, Event Horizon, Moon or Alistair McDowell's X. This is less about a battle among the stars and closer to a battle for our own souls (deeeeep!) A series of themes and moments provide deep bass beds with processed strings to create that sense of creeping dread. In space no one can hear you scream with distorted delight!

Pick one or pick 'em all!


The Deathly - This sound is the heart of darkness. A cold, empty wasteland. Think Fargo or The Killing. Think plays directed by Robert Icke. Perfect for dark dramas.

This collection features:

  • three themes, each with a number of variations
  • four beds for background atmos
  • six moments that can be used for scene transition or to highlight significant plot points.

    The Remains - This brings to mind the soundtracks to shows like Broadchurch, HBO's The Leftovers, or moments the film The Hours. Strings, deep distant drones and felt piano layer to create atmospheric moments and a score steeped in mystery.


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