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Whatever you're making (a film, a piece of theatre, a game) you want to make sure that the soundtrack is made with the same passion, attention and love. Sound Stories is run by the people who make the music. Not by curators but by creators.

We've crafted soundtracks that give you collections of music and soundscapes that belong to one another. Of course, you can pick and choose tracks from anywhere on the site, but with these collections you have sounds that work together as a connected story. These stories use consistent sounds, themes or instruments to give your work the unifying storytelling you're looking for.

This isn’t a site where you’ll find a whole lot of corporate video music. There are plenty of places that offer these tracks. We’re about adding to your story with an emphasis on the styles of music you hear in indie films, cutting edge theatre/performance and the more unusual games.

We're not looking to replace composers or sound designers - we are composers and sound designers. We just want to make access to great soundtracks more affordable. We’ve grouped music into stories, but we’ve also made it easy for you to search against genre/style, instrumentation, tone/key, and pace. If there is material you like but it's not quite the length or instrumentation you want, then we can even adapt it for you. Check out some of the services we offer to tailor the soundtrack to your needs.

There are already hundreds of ready-to-go tracks to choose from and you can combine tracks as you like. And we’ll be adding new tracks every month, so you can keep exploring as our catalogue expands.

And if you can't find what you want then hey, we're ready and waiting to create bespoke work. Just give us a shout by emailing and we can chat about your needs.