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PLEASE NOTE: This licensing applies to library music only and not to the patches/presets found in Composer Tools. Please see each individual product for any restrictions that apply.

You can access many of our libraries of music for free. They are offered free under Creative Commons 4.0 (attributable) license. Attribute to the composer (Simon Arrowsmith). You must notify us of use. Just email and that's it - permission granted!  

Creative Commons Licence

See more about how these works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License



What you’re really buying, when you purchase a track or a story collection from Sound Stories, is the right to use the sound/music without having to pay royalties. The license you buy determines the way in which the track(s) can be used. You will have either bought:

  1. A Fringe License – this is aimed at theatre makers and enables you to play the purchased track(s) within a fringe level production (as part of a festival, in a school/college or in a smaller venue costing less than $25,000 USD to produce a four week run)
  2. A Producer License – this is for fringe theatre producers with multiple shows that may make use of the track(s) across a period of time (usually a year)
  3. An Indie License – this is aimed at independent film-makers, videographers, podcasters or games-makers. It enables you to use the track(s) in an independent, low budget project (costing less than $50,000 USD)
  4. A Commercial License – all other performance or media use (covered by terms of use for all licenses)

The license is intended to be simple and straightforward to enable you to use the track(s) in the way you wish.




Any track is provided for use within the following terms:

  1. The track can only be used for the purpose and production for which it was purchased (as a soundtrack for a performance as outlined in the product details)
  2. The track is provided whole and may not be sampled to create another track.
  3. The track may reasonably be played in part to ensure it fits with dramatic timing of the production.
  4. The track may be altered within the context of the performance/video providing it remains intact and is not used to create another piece of music/soundtrack. (For example, it’s okay to alter the sound to make it appear to be coming from a radio or to add a reverb).
  5. The track must be credited in all appropriate performance media (programme or credit sequence) unless an additional non-credit license is purchased. The track credit should go to ‘Composed and Performed by Simon Arrowsmith’ – it is also okay to give a generic credit to ‘sound’/’music’ if using a collection or multiple tracks.
  6. The track or any part of the track may not be resold to any other person(s) either as a whole piece of music or as part of a sample library.
  7. All content is provided under a non-exclusive license and remains the property of Sound Stories (part of Grow the People Ltd).


  1. The track is for use in a single production.
  2. Your production must be a live performance (live can include live-streamed via the internet).
  3. Your production must have a budget of less than £25,000GBP or local currency equivalent for a four-week run.


  1. The track is for use in up to 10 live productions that you are the primary/lead producer on and that qualify as 'Fringe' as defined in section 2, point 3 of this license.
  2. Your license runs for a full year from date of purchase, after which time it must be renewed.


  1. The track is for use in a single film/video/game/podcast series, in a production where the total budget is under £50,000GBP or local currency equivalent
  2. You will require an additional license for each delivery service (film, Blu-ray, DVD, digital download).


Please note: Sound Stories may change these terms or withdraw tracks at any time and on occasion without notice. Any change or withdrawal will not affect tracks that have been downloaded prior to the change or withdrawal.



I’ve downloaded my track so that’s mine to use as I like is it?

Well yes and no. You can use it within the confines of the license you’ve purchased. Our licenses allow for a variety of different uses from fringe productions through to commercial use. Your purchase email/receipt will confirm which type of license you’ve bought and the terms above outline the ways the music/soundtrack can be used within that license.

I have a couple of productions on at the moment, can I use the track for more than one show?

You need a license for each production (except for Producer licensing - see above). A production is a full and complete artwork (a play, a performance, a film, a video). You can use the track for the full run of your performance (up to a year) or if it’s a film/video the license is continuous.

I want to video my performance, do I have to buy a separate license to do this?

You don’t need a separate license if the video is for your own use, promotional or educational purposes. If you wanted to sell the video of your performance then we would need to reach a licensing agreement. This can be discussed by contacting

Love the music I want to use it to accompany some live singing, can I do this?

You would need to contact us at to discuss fair use and discuss any additional fees. We aim where possible to be as accommodating to your creative needs and will not ask for additional fees if it is for short or isolated moments. If you’re using the tracks to write a whole musical, then great – but let’s talk!


SOUND STORIES Is a trading name of Grow the People Ltd, 23c Berkeley Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN1 1YR, United Kingdom