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Shattered Lands - The Whole Story (FRIENDS EDITION)


Friendship has benefits - you get access to our core library of music for free to use under Creative Commons (attributable) license -  credit "Music by Simon Arrowsmith" or Name of track "by Simon Arrowsmith." NB - although the license is non-commercial we are happy to grant use for all productions if you notify us of the project details and attribute to us. Just email and that's it - permission granted! Please also note you cannot use these tracks for samples, they are offered free in complete or with reasonable edit use only.

It's dystopia time! In a galaxy far, far away type stuff, but you know, with a bit of an edge. It's adventure with grit. So think Hardware, Terminator or Chronicles of Riddick. Using hybrid sounds and distorted orchestral samples and pulses, this story takes us on a sweeping journey through asteroid belts and planetary systems. Featuring atmospheric beds, two themes and a number of key plot moments. Buckle up! Also available to buy as uncompressed AIFF.

Click below to hear the soundtrack now!