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Wuthering Heights - The Whole Story (FRIENDS EDITION)


Friendship has benefits - you get access to our core library of music for free to use under Creative Commons (attributable) license -  credit "Music by Simon Arrowsmith" or Name of track "by Simon Arrowsmith." NB - although the license is non-commercial we are happy to grant use for all productions if you notify us of the project details and attribute to us. Just email and that's it - permission granted! Please also note you cannot use these tracks for samples, they are offered free in complete or with reasonable edit use only.

Tap into the bleak, bleak heart of Bronte's story. Bringing a contemporary score to the story means that you could actually use this collection for a number of different performance styles. It sits equally at home in a contemporary drama as it does with an icy cold period piece. Also available to buy as uncompressed AIFF.

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